Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Math Project

Students will work in groups to present at least 3-4 math concepts they have learned this year.  This work will be completed in class.  Materials will be provided for them at school, however they may use their own resources also.  Students will give a verbal presentation of their project to the class.  All projects are due Friday, May 20th.  They will present them the following week.

1) Group must choose 3-4 math concepts. (Circle your choices below.)

Place Value
Angle Measurement

Lines, Angles, Rays
Area and Perimeter
Data & Graphs

Patterns and Expressions

2) Groups must choose a Project/Presentation Option (check one):

__ Math board game
__ Virtual math game
__ Jeopardy for math
__ Prezi
__ PowerPoint
__ Creative Writing Story
__ iMovie Trailer
__ Mine Craft Creation (using personal device)
__ Lego Creation (students bring Legos)
__ Math Puzzle
__ Create a song/rap with movements
__ Math Diorama (bring your own shoe box)
__ other  ____________________ (teacher approval)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Mrs. Faulkner

Name ______________________________                                                  Date ________________

The Math Project Rubric

Class Participation

1   2   3   4   5

3-4 Target Concepts Included

1   2   3   4   5


1   2   3   4   5

Turned in On Time

1   2   3   4   5

Group Presentation

1   2   3   4   5



Friday, April 29, 2016

TN Ready Test Suspended

As you may already know, the TNReady testing has been suspended for the rest of the year. The students will come home today with a letter from Dr. Copeland regarding this suspension.
They have been working so hard to be ready for the test, so we will still celebrate their efforts with our Pajama Party as planned Tuesday, May 10th. Please visit our class wiki page at Faulkner Pajama Party! to sign up for party treats.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

TNReady Practice Link

Image result for testing

Below is a helpful link from the TN Department of Education.  After you click, open the link for "Math 3-5" to access sample questions.

TNReady Practice Link    

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Additional homefun resources...

More Options for Help With Math Homework

Check out the new tab, "More Homefun Help" above.  You will find additional resources to help with math homefun and support for understanding the concepts.

Have a wonderful Fall Break!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Fourth Grade Updates/Expectations (for Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science)
  • Look at your child's planner each week to see upcoming due dates.
  • Review the blogs.
These are two methods of communication between what we are learning in class and home assignments. Please thoroughly check these two resources prior to emailing the teacher with questions.
  • If you are going out of town, you must get approval for an excused absence from Dr. Copeland before the trip. Otherwise, this is an unexcused absence.
  • ​After feedback from you, we have updated how the averages are calculated for all subjects for the reminder of the school year.
​Tests/Summative Assessments 50%
Classwork 20%
Quizzes/Formative Assessments 20%
Homefun 10%

  • Quizzes/Formative Assessments' purpose are to monitor student learning to make instructional adjustments. This can be a quiz, teacher observation, or any quick method. You may not get much or any notice as the nature of these types of assessments is to see where the students are at that moment. 
  • For end of a unit/book/chapter tests or summative assessments, you will receive adequate notice, and students should prepare/study. 
  • Please send an email or call to make a scheduled appointment if you would like to meet with one of us. The morning or in the middle of the day does not allow us to give you the time that you deserve to discuss your concerns/questions.
  • Your child has a couple of usernames and passwords in the front of their planner. The one for iReady and ThinkCentral is the same. Typing Club does not require a password. 
  • Typing Club is optional at this time. Some parents inquired about ways to help their child to improve their typing skills for the TNReady test. This is a good resource for your child to be familiar with the keyboard. 
Language Arts/Social Studies
  • ​ Classwork/Journal Grades will be taken throughout the year. If a student does not turn in their classwork or journal they will earn a 0. If they are able to turn it in on a later date, 20% will be deducted for each day it is late. For example, if a journal grade is worth 5 points, and the student can't find it or doesn't present it to the teacher until the 3rd day after it was due, they will only receive 2 points out of 5 for the grade. It will be the child's responsibility to bring the work directly to the teacher. 
  • Please keep an eye out on Mrs. Cassidy's blog for resources under the Practice Skills tab as they will be updated as the students begin a new skill.
  • ThinkCentral is a new program online we will be using for writing to get ready for the TNReady writing assessment. Instructions have been sent home and are found on the blog. The username and password are in the front of your child's planner. 
  • ​ Classwork/Journal Grades will be taken throughout the year. If a student does not turn in their classwork or journal they will earn a 0. If they are able to turn it in on a later date,  20% will be deducted for each day it is late. For example, if a journal grade is worth 10 points, and the student can't find it or doesn't present it to the teacher until the 3rd day after it was due, they will only receive 4 points out of 10 for the grade. It will be the child's responsibility to bring the work directly to the teacher. 
  • Reminder: There are resources on the blog for each concept in math. Please check for regular updates. As new skills are learned, new material is posted to the blog on the Skills Review and Practice page.  Additionally, there are links for multiplication practice, including printable resources, for home practice within the "helpful links" section. Please check out the PowerPoint, "One Month to Change a Lifetime" at the bottom of the math blog homepage.  It contains information on an alternative method for learning multiplication facts.
Science Update

  • There will be a new tic tac toe board for the second nine weeks. (This will happen every nine weeks.) 
  • Your child must do the middle square EVERY time.
  • Then, they will pick two other squares that connect with the middle square to make tic tac toe.
  • An adult MUST sign for the family game activity (and it be turned in on the assigned due date). Your child will not get credit if the adult does not sign.
  • Do not sign on the tic tac toe board. Sign in the journal.
  • If you cannot find something on the blog, find where the months are listed (on the right hand side) and expand the month. This will list the headers for each post and make the information easier to find.
Thank you for a successful first nine weeks!
L. Caldwell, L. Faulkner, & E. Sublette

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